Aaron Colbert

Aaron Colbert

Saturday, 10 July 2021 11:28

Construct or Androgynous C or Oculus

“Who am I? It is of no relevance, and I find serenity in knowing that it is highly unlikely you and I will ever meet outside of this brief narrative. I am a creature that once existed in the crevices of life. I was perfectly content to hide and observe the creation of life; the essential qualities of sentience, which I find to be both grotesque and splendid. I have long since stopped counting my age and have enjoyed secretly roaming the stars for a millennium.

Secondly, I cannot even begin to conjecture why a creature such as I, am allowed by one so powerful to provide a brief intimate correspondence of our stunted encounter. I guess Construct wanted to know what someone outside of normal life would say about It.

Thirdly, I must confess, that this glade in which I find myself with the creature Construct, is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. So, it is a blessing that it is my final resting place.


Some hundred million years ago, I chanced to come across a planet like I had not seen before; a world of immense size, which held in its massive gravity twelve stars. Astonishingly, each star was significantly smaller than the planet.

I named the gargantuan planet “Viambe,” which in my native tongue means “huge.” For hundreds of years, I contently and covertly, explored this world of worlds.

Until, one day I came across a barren land, bereft of color, sound, smell, a locale made gray by something powerful. In this strange place, resided a gathering of all sorts of stonelike creatures. They stood uniformly banished, focused on the center, which was even more grim. The hosts were frozen in various states of emotion; enchanted by love, fear, hatred, lust, greed, etc. Bizarrely, those closer to the center exhibited conflicted expressions, that yielded up imagery of unnatural sounds. Aghast, I stood at the edge of this perverted place and peered at the hideous scene.

Finally, my eyes were drawn to a muted ruckus in the center where all the stilled creatures’ gazes beckoned me to look.

There!!! I thought as I saw it. It moved, held in the center by the dull eyes of trillions of insensate creatures. In the beginning Its motion was cyclone like, and in one place, evocative of a dreadful whirlwind. Suddenly, It began to move in my direction, violently spinning as it came. The creatures appeared to close their eyes or bow themselves as It passed through them without pause and headed straight for me. Then I heard Its terrible voice. It called out to me, with indifference absolute. I moved away from It, from place to place within the large circle of desecration. I knew I had to keep moving for if I attempted to leave this haunted place, I would be doomed as the countless souls before me.

I leveraged my skill of hiding, and I watched It for thousands of years, risking my own life and never resting, apparent that this creature was vastly more powerful than I. Sometimes we were only feet apart, so close that It’s intense emotions or complete nonchalant manner, nearly took hold of me. Other times we were miles apart, but I always heard Its calls, except for when It was taking other creatures. Many times, It would not speak in an attempt to fool me in thinking it was engaged with some other being, when in fact It was focused on me.
Finally, I could take no more of the perverted cat and mouse game.

I must escape this place.

So, I waited for It’s siren call to abate and I hurled myself in the direction of the dense greenwood, which lies across the beautiful glen I traversed thousands of years ago. I was halfway across the dale, when It touched me. I felt the coldness of space. And heard Its hiss.

“Got You!!!”

I opened my mouth, but no sound issued. It reached into my head, took a piece of me and wrote one story, this story, on a piece of bark parchment. When finished, It gently laid the parchment at my feet facing me.

“I will let you read your story for as long as the parchment lasts. On the day that the bark is no more, I will take you to the center of where the creatures are. There, you will begin to change and suffer greater things, and they will too.”

It said as It cried and laughed at the same time. Its deep-set eyes sparkled.

Footnote from the author.

Description of Construct - IT does what IT does. 

Construct is one of the eldest species of the Universal Kind, IT is created second to the Immortal Elders. Construct is an genetic genius, which is driven by the desire to find the “Source Gene.”  Construct does what IT wills, without concern of outcome. IT is Indifferent to cosequence. IT is; androgynous, light in complexion, thin in stature, and ethereal. ITs body and face always changing, IT has terrible eyes that sparkle. Contruct wears only a tattered single hooded robe that moves like in a windstorm, enableling one to see parts of ITs mutating body beneath. IT is now forever guarded by two very powerful beings, but there was a time when IT was not.

Read more, in my upcomong novel Space - Testament of the One

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Saturday, 15 May 2021 13:54

The Tale

Saturday, 15 May 2021 13:22


Monday, 13 May 2019 18:00

Equality for all

5.10.19   5:00 AM

Recently, I attended a local chapter symposium for Women In Defense (WID). The event was entitled, “Real Women, Real Work, Real World.” It was well attended with women that own their own businesses in the defense and commercial industries, as well as those that hold prominent roles in academia, finance, and government.

Acknowledgement of the disparity in pay between women and men was discussed. The salary gap is closing, but there is still a ways to go.

I was pleased to see that there were men in attendance including myself. We all need to support this mission.

The continued need to have a stronger participation of girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs was stressed as well.


Several awards were given to outstanding, well deserving high school seniors. Such an upbeat vibe!


In one of my past lives as an executive, I was first to promote a woman into the position of Program Manager of a very critical program. I am proud to say that her performance was outstanding, and that other women followed her up the chain into management after that. I am ashamed to admit that some of my male executive peers questioned my decision.

I am a firm believer that everyone should be equally compensated for a job well done, and recognized for his or her potential, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, or faith.

It is our diversity that makes us better.  

Kudos to Women In Defense, check them out, they are doing great things!!!


7.26.20   10:10 AM

We must recognize and respect the Devine fact of “equal.”

We must accomplish what our forefathers failed to complete.

We must gracefully place the final pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of righteousness.

We must be Americans. 


Monday, 13 May 2019 16:58

The cool path

5.9.19   5:00 AM

The tragic shooting in Colorado once again affirms that segments of our society are having serious issues coping with life in a positive way. The thing that bothers me is, we all understand that life by its own nature is not easy, that it oft times demands much from us in the form of kindness and understanding. Yet time and time again, evidence of the metastasized hatred that the founding fathers refused to face and those who followed, and feared to stand in defiance, continues to erode society.

I have often said that humanity would be better served if we looked at the Ten Commandments from a way to live life, rather than a way to assure a way into heaven. I firmly believe that we would live healthier, longer lives if we:

  1. You shall have no other gods before God.
  2. You shall not make idols.
  3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  5. Honor your father and your mother.
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not commit adultery.
  8. You shall not steal.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  10. You shall not covet.

Iba”s character reveal speaks to the Colorado shooting tragic experience, and I often feel as she, when confronted by these senseless events.

My heart and prayers go out to all those that have lost loved ones, or suffered through such violence.

And if ten easy things are too hard, how about starting with one common one:



We are as much alive as we keep the earth alive.

-Chief Dan George


Not one of you truly believes until you wish for others what you wish for yourself.

-The Prophet Muhammad, Hadith


One should treat all creatures in the world as one would like to be treated.

Bahal's Faith:

Lay not on any soul a load that you would not wish to be laid upon you, and desire not for anyone the things you would not desire for yourself.

-Baha'u'llah, Gleanings


Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.

-The Buddha, Udana-Varga 5.18


What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor. this is the whole Torah; all the rest is commentary.

-Hillel, Talmud, Shabbath 31a


I am a stranger to no one; and no one is a stranger to me. Indeed, I am a friend to all.

-Guru Granth Sahib, pg.1299


In everything, do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law of the prophets.

-Jesus, Mathew 7:12


One word which sums up the basis of all good conduct...loving kindness. Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself. 

-Confucius, Analects 15.23


Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain and your neighbor's loss as your own loss.

-Tai Shang Kan Ying Pien, 213-218


Do not do unto others whatever is injurious to yourself. 

-Shayast-na-Shayast 13.29


This is the sum of duty: do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you...

-Mahabharata 5:1517

Various belief text compiled by the Temple of Understanding.


Friday, 21 December 2018 18:15

Some thoughts

5.8.19   5:00 AM

I got up this morning at my usual time of 4 AM, yes, I'm a early riser, and excitedly thought.  Great!!! the Origins manuscript has been turned in, I can virtually hear the humming of the printing press... I'm so excited!! it is my sincerest hope that you find the first book of the tale as fun as I did writing it.


 7.16.19   5:00 AM

Hello avid readers and enlightened ones.

It’s been some time since I have had the time to add additional news to my website outside of the character reveals, and further explanation to my answers in the Q&A section. Origins, Testament of the One is available for your reading pleasure, and can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Baby, and other major platforms.

Please know, that up until this point, I have been in blissful habitation in the worlds of the other four books of the series that I am simultaneously writing.

But every once and a while, even the most removed individuals must step from the shadows and isolation of creation, into the magnificent glow of social media. So, here I am, with a smirk of the deepest pleasure on my face as I’m typing this communiqué.

I’ve been relishing in the imaginative struggles of all of the characters as they move from book to book, the scares, joys, enlightenment, and tragedies, that the character’s meet on their way to conclusions is riveting. I must admit that I am blissfully swept away by their evolution.

Sadly, I don’t know how to do anything in half measure, I am compelled to move fully immersed in the quickness of life’s embrace; big and to the fullest, which gives some of those closest to me pause, and others energy that rivals my own.   What can I say I was made that way.

Well the second book Space, Testament of the One, beckons with its siren like essence, and so I must leave you for a time. I will however make a concerted effort to visit with you more often, and doing so, flow in the relationships we build.

May peace, enlightenment, power, and the will to do positive deeds of life be with you, always.



2.6.20    6:30 PM

It occurred to me as I eagerly sat and watched the last democratic debate. That one of the centerpieces of discussion, and rightfully so… is healthcare. I noticed that the candidates smartly or otherwise spoke to their various solutions, and those solutions ranged from Medicare for all, to revisiting and revamping Obama Care.


What I found distressing is that all of the solutions appeared to be one dimensionally approached when one considers a “total health care solution,” and that was disturbing.


I found myself asking the television, where are the other equally important tenants of a TOTAL healthcare solution in this debate? My answer was simple they were not there… Instead the candidates were exclusively focused on the high cost of healthcare, and the pharmaceuticals companies, not that I’m complaining… So I began to think as an empowered candidate, and the following would be my position on healthcare.


  1. I must understand and invest in the Greatest American Resource = We The People.
  2. I would ask myself, who has ultimate responsibility for health care? I would say the government, but the government is not the single element that has a health responsibility to us, but rather a consortium, of responsible establishments or stakeholders; each holding it and others ethically responsible. The consortium consists of the following elements:
    1. Government, their function:
      1. Confirm, and monitor realistic price points with all sectors of industry
      2. Ensure criminals in various sectors, Government, Medical, Insurance, Farm Industry, Environmental Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, and Industry are prosecuted accurately.
    2. Industry (Various, see below under 3a)
      1. Comply with Government rules
      2. Given credits for green initiatives
      3. Given credits for healthy human initiatives
    3. Individuals
      1. Upkeep of Self
      2. Upkeep of Family
      3. Upkeep of owned items; home, car, boat, land, etc.
  1. I would define a total health team and approach, to tackle all aspects of health
    1. Define various major elements of health
      1. Food = Farmers
        1. Healthy soil condition
        2. Only healthy pesticides used
        3. Healthy transportation of products monitored
        4. Wild vs. farm raised animals reviewed
      2. Food Industry,
        1. Level of salts
        2. Levels of sugars and sweeteners
        3. Level of harmful preservatives
        4. Healthy food processing
      3.  Environment
        1. Transportation of food
        2. Home health conditions
        3. Trash disposal
        4. Air purification funding, start with those areas that contribute the most harmful pollution
        5. Water purification funding, start with those areas that contribute the most harmful pollution
      4. Life Style
        1. Exercise credits (for companies and individuals)
        2. Work reduced hours
        3. Play more, creative down time
      5. Insurance
        1. Able to cover all minimally with generous coverage (Amalgamation of Medicare, Medicaid, and Obama Care)
        2. Augmented options for those who want it
        3. Standardize medicine as well as cover Holistic approaches covered
        4. Cover essential operations
      6. Pharmaceuticals
        1. Cheapen cost
        2. Produce less harmful or addictive drugs
        3. Produce natural / holistic drugs
        4. Better drug pre-evaluation
      7. Medical
        1. Holistic approach augmented by traditional medicine
        2. Push preventive care as apposed to medicine when appropriate non chronic conditions
        3. Reduce manmade medicine foot print
        4. Operations used as last resort
        5. Legalize Marijuana
    2. Define the various sub elements
      1. Preventive care
      2. Current Medical Care
      3. Future care
  1. Define Total Health model and approach
    1. Plan based on one of incentives rather than convenience
      1. Farm Industry
      2. Infrastructure
      3. Insurance
      4. Pharmaceuticals
      5. Industry
      6. Medical


  1. Total healthcare requires active participation and cooperation from the Government, Farm Industry, Food Industry, Medical Industry, Business Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, and Individuals…



7.26.29    10:06 AM

Let us boldly wear a mask to protect others.

Let us unselfishly social distance.

Let us love those that we will never know, by doing these two selfless acts.

Let us together fulfill the first word of our powerful country “United.”




10.23.20   1:30 PM

When away from home, I am compelled to still myself and perpend the georgic nature of my abode; and when at home, my mind travels elsewhere, forever seeking. 

Seldom am I completely where I am. 



Friday, 14 December 2018 15:18

Ai Khan


Ms. Alexis Evening’s heart, the premier anchorwoman of news station WAJI, had never beat so rapidly in her entire life. She fearfully observed the stunning, and scantily clad black woman that sat in an overstuffed ancient and other worldly chair across from her. This interview was unquestionably not the one to be passive; it would require skillful wit and the deepest of guile.


Ms. Evening had been chasing this interview with the mysterious and reportedly deadly Ai Khan for some thirty years. Prior to snagging this exclusive interview with Ms. Khan, her former supervisor Mr. Steve Euripides had been aggressively in pursuit of Ai Khan for over fifty years, without even a whisper from Ms. Khan’s people.


Alexis sat quietly across from the powerful female, refusing to make any unnecessary eye contact, as her crew continued setting up for the live interview. Staring across the room, Alexis was nervously content, as she fondly reminisced about Mr. Euripides’ final day with the network. His last day was a network spectacular event broadcasted around the world. After all, Mr. Euripides had been awarded every news prize that ever existed. So, Ms. Evening was thrilled and honored to know that she would be named his successor.


As her camera men worked through the final details of lighting and angles, Ms. Evening’s mind drifted back to yesterday when she was given the news that Ms. Khan had granted the interview. Alexis immediately called her old mentor and boss Mr. Euripides, and excitedly exclaimed.


“I got it!! I got that damned interview with Khan.”


At first, there was no sound at all that could be heard over the communications link. The deafening silence was broken by the all too familiar voice of Mr. Euripides; his deep baritone voice was not excited about her news, but was instead measured, and tinged with great concern.


“Dear Alexis, I wish you had not pursued this interview. It is beyond your skills, and you will gain the attention of those that are so powerful, that just their presence could render your life forfeit dear child.”


“Forfeit!! Ms. Khan’s friends may have vast amounts of material means, but they put on their pants just like everyone else, one leg at a time Steve.”


Alexis was annoyed that Steve was not happy for her. She felt that Steve was jealous of her accomplishment, and that he didn’t even congratulate her. In fact, he offered a rebuke. His response really disappointed her, after all the years she supported him without judgment during his fruitless pursuit of the mighty female.


“No, they don’t, they don’t put on their pants the same way. You can’t cancel the interview now, but be careful Alexis you must be extremely careful with this being.”


The communication link with her mentor was terminated without so much as a good luck or goodbye.


Why would Steve discontinue the conversation so abruptly? He would never do that. It was as if someone else had terminated the link before either of them was ready to say goodbye.

Those series of needling thoughts and uneasy feelings were just plain nonsense, Alexis thought as she stared at her communications device with mixed emotion.


Ms. Evening’s thoughts of yesterday’s strange and disappointing brief discussion with Steve was interrupted by Ai Khan’s voice. Ms. Khan started the interview without waiting for an introduction or opening question from Alexis.


How rude, Alexis thought.


“I have, over vast time killed just about everything, here and in places very far away... Beings that crawled, walked, swam, or flew. But I find that killing the things of my blood, the Intermediate and Younger Immortals the most satisfying. Destruction of every other thing is just an interlude to my truest passion and desire.” Ai Khan exhaled with a voice as liquid as venom.


“Are you Immortal? And are you the only one?” Ms. Evening rebutted, recovering quickly from the unconventional start of the live interview.


“Oh yes, stupid child, and most definitely not, dumbass. Ohhhhh, don’t you see? Your looks, not your feeble intelligence got your ass this position, and your gender, my brief audience. You do know heedless one, that this is the last good thing for you. This interview is your dead end child.”


“Is this how you speak to people all the time?” Ms. Evening inquired, inwardly shaken, but outwardly poised.


“Do you know of any other way to speak to lesser beings motherfucka?” Ai hissed as she leaned forward, providing Ms. Evening a chance to look into the deadliest eyes she had ever seen. Ai Khan’s pupils were the blackest Alexis could remember; they simply destroyed light. Ms. Khan’s mouth had perfect teeth, better suited for biting and killing than for speaking and smiling. Her gnashing teeth moved in a devouring motion with each word she spoke.


“That’s right bitch. I know you see me now, and normally you would be dead at this point, but you are too insignificant for my effort,” Ai Khan said as she momentarily looked at the red silk door to the right that suddenly moved as if someone who stood behind it had just taken his or her leave.


“Well, I’m done here chick, you are nothing but trash to me, but you know what they say bitch... one Immortal's trash is another one’s treasure.” Ai Khan’s laughter was rudely bombastic and she didn’t give a shit.


The camera crew stood around the room’s perimeter. They instinctually leaned away from Ai Khan, as if they wanted to bolt from a predator, but were simply incapable of performing the act of flight.


“I know he’ll like you, cunt. Cut those motherfuckin cameras off, I’m done here!!!” Ai Khan exclaimed.


Ai Khan smoothly rose to her feet in one fluid motion, Alexis noticed that Ai was already past her seat before she could even respond. Alexis also caught a particular smell from Ai Khan that was terribly repulsive yet hypnotic, causing Alexis to groan from a place totally instinctual.


The room’s lights shown brighter after Ai Kahn exited through the red curtain.


“What the hell just happened?” Alexis spoke in a quivering voice; her question met by dumbfounded blessed silence.


Footnote from the author. 

Image description of Ai Khan:

Ai Khan, an Elder Immortal, is seen here in her true form, she triumphantly sits in the palm of one of the leviathans she has destroyed in the past.  She is most delighted in the midst of destruction. 

Beware of this one. Read about her in my novel, Origins - Testament of the One

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Friday, 14 December 2018 09:46

Ramona Smith

“Our dwellings back then didn’t have any doors; they didn’t have any windows either. The shape of the structure and the strategic placement of the hanging of animal skins determined the level of privacy in each residence. Which, made sense then, and now, from an Immortal perspective, because no Immortal is bothered by weather. When humans came into existence by our hand some ten million years ago, we decided to live among them in a concealed fashion, changing our skin like chameleons with just a thought, pretending that we even had to think about weather. But enough about the weather, you want to know about me.”

“My name now is Ramona Smith, and I am Ai Khan’s best friend, although Synthia might not agree with me, she would argue that she is in fact Ai’s best friend. Synthia and I have an affable and symbiotic relationship that together Ai finds most invaluable. So, let me tell you how my precious friendship with Ai came to be.”

“It was about 3 million years before the first human showed up on the scene that I met my mentor and best friend Ai Khan. We liked each other instantly. I was sick of living life with so much reverence to a legendary Albino Immortal that I had never seen. Back then, all we ever discussed, the Young, the Intermediate, and the Elders Immortals, was the 'pure life' and getting back what we lost the day the Albino abandoned us. It was clear that after waiting so long with no sightings or signs of the Albino, that the story of our sacred desired redemption which corresponded with the return of that pale and supremely gifted Immortal was just a fairytale.”

“It was also painfully evident life had no more plans for the Immortals in any part of the universe that mattered. Life had expanded without the power of immortality. Our mating only yielded the curse of lesser things. So when humans came to us through our coupling, we began to stop mating altogether, so distressed by their weakness. The humans however, began to multiply like roaches under our protection, for by our intervention they had no predators in the universal kingdom.”

“I was lost to social interaction of any kind, when Ai introduced me to one of the Elders with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. Now, he is the known as the World President. Back then we Immortals knew him by a different name, that name was Tazun, which means judgment.”

“Anyway, after thousands of years, Tazun and Ai took me to a place where Tazun had gazed upon an Immortal to the point of that Immortal's stillness. The body of a female Immortal was buried under the bones of thousands of remains. What I found so fascinating about this disturbing discovery and locale, was how quickly the immense pile of remains decomposed. Typically, it took several thousands of years for bones to turn into ash and earth, but those remnants heaped upon the lone stilled Immortal seemed to decompose completely within a few years.”

“When I inquired about the cause of the rapid decomposition, Tazun looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and said, 

“’The lone female Immortal struggles to rise and live. But, she cannot do so buried beneath so much death. So, she absorbs the bodies to make the pile smaller in an attempt to rise, not knowing the more bones she absorbs the more still she becomes.’” 

“Ai then told me that she and Tazun had lost their taste for human flesh and they could kill no more.  No humans or any creatures of this puny world. They needed an Immortal to take up this sacred responsibility, someone to continue the killing of humans to keep still that buried Immortal, and soon others like her.”

“Upon my first taste of human death I was hooked, although I could not stomach the physical death. For me the sublime end is the mental one. To utterly destroy the mind of humans was and is my passion. I usually wait until they are asleep and I steal into their bedchambers, it is then that their minds are snatched by me. Sometimes they wake during my feeding and struggle to gain consciousness, sometimes they do, but I return the next night to finish the job. Most times they do not survive my initial attack. I leave them comatose on the bed, couch, chair, or floor, for Synthia who finishes the deed by taking the soul. But that is her story to tell.”

“Once this is done, we have the body buried where an Immortal is stilled. I believe you call these unconsecrated sites cemeteries. The larger the cemetery the more powerful the Immortal buried there.”

“I love what I do, and I am religious to my purpose.”

“You know I cannot allow you to tell my secret.”


Footnote from the author.

Image description of Ramona:

Ramona is seen here entering into a posh residence of an unsuspecting sleeping victim.   Ramona, will mentally tear you apart, and ultimately dismantle your sanity.  

Read more in my novel, Origins - Testament of the One

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Friday, 14 December 2018 09:45

Captain Theodore Caster

Starched and pressed

The rarest of heroes metals of honor visible to the eyes

And above them golden wings

Chiseled chin raised high, and a stiff upper lip pronounced

Nothing but charisma and confidence

Before my presence, my ego splits the air itself

Without hesitation or question, exclusive ramps and cockpits open only to me

Yes, sirs abound

I am the Captain

And time moves on


I am the master of motion

Thrust and G Forces are the world I was born of and meant to rule

Terra firma is just a place to lay my head as I dream of blissful escape

The thinner the metal of my craft, the happier I am

The higher I go, the more I don’t want to land

Brilliant blues surrounded by glorious white clouds

Nothing but sun above

And time moves on


Master of even faster machines

Joystick vibrating into sudden stillness

Losing my breath in excitement as I look at her curves that only a few see

The slight blues and whites beneath me now

Nothing but the celestial bodies above

And time moves on


Limitless velocity in limitless expanse

My breath again taken away, as I move through the power of the near vacuum of space

The silent roar of the engines

Surrounded by vivid darkness

The term higher replaced by farther

And time moves on


Leaping into infinite vastness with no safety net

Looking into eternity with eyes of a child

Feeling a slave to boundless freedom

Hoping there is a pit stop but praying for no end

And time moves on


Dark rivers that my eyes now see, and within them things that move faster than me

The desire to join the faster herds

Predators’ eyes upon me, but the rivers snatch me away

Drenched in timeless time, only to emerge in silken fashion

And when I look back to the origins of my bones, all I see is a larger star that I once called the sun

And time moves on


Darkness ahead and an unseen stop sign

Warnings to go back, but I am the master of momentum, forward I must go

My own kind anchors me, stuck in this circular place called a solar system

I can’t stay long

And time moves on


Into a smaller dark river with faster flow, down the falls I go

Acceleration beyond the light of my own propulsion units

Drunk with acceleration until another snatches the yoke from my delirious hand

I and my team without permission, cross the lines, run through the celestial stop signs, and crash through the universal

warning signs

Snapping, breaking, twisting, careening, ripping, screaming, and finally stopping

And time moves on


Eyes see us, but we are blind

Ears hear us, but we are deaf

Noses smell us, but we cannot smell

Hands grab us, but we can’t grab back

Voices speak to us, but we don’t understand the words

The darkness pulls us in

I croak, “Help us.”

Our souls huddle in a mass of fear...


And time moves on



Footnote from the author.

Description of Captain Ted Castor - Pilot, well renowned, living legend. 

Captain Ted Castor, a human, is the pilot of pilots.  From the time he was a little boy, raptors fascinated him, and it was a short jump into the land of aviation.  He is the best of the best, and has sacrificed the tradition of family, hearth, and home, for his career.    He left the boring combat flying scene with the most aerial kills ever recorded in pursuit of the esteemed career of test pilot.  It is said among the best pilots, "If Captain Ted Castor has not flown it, it's not worth flying."  Of late, Ted has found a love interest other then aviation; Miss Mita Trend, but now space calls.

Read more, Origins - Testament of the One

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