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Born in New Jersey in 1963, Aaron Colbert learned to create short stories as a child while attending school and earning consistently high marks in his writing classes. He developed a centered spiritual essence very early on, and would sit with his grandmother and discuss spiritual topics with her.

His father was a tailor, and his mother served as a daycare instructor.  He is from a family of nine brothers and two sisters.  The eleventh child in a family of 12 children, Aaron has a physics degree from Kutztown University, and prides himself a former Dungeon Master.

While pursuing his degree in Physics, in what spare time he could manage, he earned a reputation as an astute dungeon master.  Now his spare time is spent writing.  From early on, Mr. Colbert carried an inexhaustible spiritual center and an intense wonderment of all the “natures,” which is evident in his work. Mr. Colbert, is a deep thinker, and has always loved the art of writing, or as he would say, “Word Weaving,” he, as his works, are simplistically complex; and filled to bursting with relevancy.
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