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5.8.19   5:00 AM

I got up this morning at my usual time of 4 AM, yes, I'm a early riser, and excitedly thought.  Great!!! the Origins manuscript has been turned in, I can virtually hear the humming of the printing press... I'm so excited!! it is my sincerest hope that you find the first book of the tale as fun as I did writing it.


 7.16.19   5:00 AM

Hello avid readers and enlightened ones.

It’s been some time since I have had the time to add additional news to my website outside of the character reveals, and further explanation to my answers in the Q&A section. Origins, Testament of the One is available for your reading pleasure, and can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Baby, and other major platforms.

Please know, that up until this point, I have been in blissful habitation in the worlds of the other four books of the series that I am simultaneously writing.

But every once and a while, even the most removed individuals must step from the shadows and isolation of creation, into the magnificent glow of social media. So, here I am, with a smirk of the deepest pleasure on my face as I’m typing this communiqué.

I’ve been relishing in the imaginative struggles of all of the characters as they move from book to book, the scares, joys, enlightenment, and tragedies, that the character’s meet on their way to conclusions is riveting. I must admit that I am blissfully swept away by their evolution.

Sadly, I don’t know how to do anything in half measure, I am compelled to move fully immersed in the quickness of life’s embrace; big and to the fullest, which gives some of those closest to me pause, and others energy that rivals my own.   What can I say I was made that way.

Well the second book Space, Testament of the One, beckons with its siren like essence, and so I must leave you for a time. I will however make a concerted effort to visit with you more often, and doing so, flow in the relationships we build.

May peace, enlightenment, power, and the will to do positive deeds of life be with you, always.



2.6.20    6:30 PM

It occurred to me as I eagerly sat and watched the last democratic debate. That one of the centerpieces of discussion, and rightfully so… is healthcare. I noticed that the candidates smartly or otherwise spoke to their various solutions, and those solutions ranged from Medicare for all, to revisiting and revamping Obama Care.


What I found distressing is that all of the solutions appeared to be one dimensionally approached when one considers a “total health care solution,” and that was disturbing.


I found myself asking the television, where are the other equally important tenants of a TOTAL healthcare solution in this debate? My answer was simple they were not there… Instead the candidates were exclusively focused on the high cost of healthcare, and the pharmaceuticals companies, not that I’m complaining… So I began to think as an empowered candidate, and the following would be my position on healthcare.


  1. I must understand and invest in the Greatest American Resource = We The People.
  2. I would ask myself, who has ultimate responsibility for health care? I would say the government, but the government is not the single element that has a health responsibility to us, but rather a consortium, of responsible establishments or stakeholders; each holding it and others ethically responsible. The consortium consists of the following elements:
    1. Government, their function:
      1. Confirm, and monitor realistic price points with all sectors of industry
      2. Ensure criminals in various sectors, Government, Medical, Insurance, Farm Industry, Environmental Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, and Industry are prosecuted accurately.
    2. Industry (Various, see below under 3a)
      1. Comply with Government rules
      2. Given credits for green initiatives
      3. Given credits for healthy human initiatives
    3. Individuals
      1. Upkeep of Self
      2. Upkeep of Family
      3. Upkeep of owned items; home, car, boat, land, etc.
  1. I would define a total health team and approach, to tackle all aspects of health
    1. Define various major elements of health
      1. Food = Farmers
        1. Healthy soil condition
        2. Only healthy pesticides used
        3. Healthy transportation of products monitored
        4. Wild vs. farm raised animals reviewed
      2. Food Industry,
        1. Level of salts
        2. Levels of sugars and sweeteners
        3. Level of harmful preservatives
        4. Healthy food processing
      3.  Environment
        1. Transportation of food
        2. Home health conditions
        3. Trash disposal
        4. Air purification funding, start with those areas that contribute the most harmful pollution
        5. Water purification funding, start with those areas that contribute the most harmful pollution
      4. Life Style
        1. Exercise credits (for companies and individuals)
        2. Work reduced hours
        3. Play more, creative down time
      5. Insurance
        1. Able to cover all minimally with generous coverage (Amalgamation of Medicare, Medicaid, and Obama Care)
        2. Augmented options for those who want it
        3. Standardize medicine as well as cover Holistic approaches covered
        4. Cover essential operations
      6. Pharmaceuticals
        1. Cheapen cost
        2. Produce less harmful or addictive drugs
        3. Produce natural / holistic drugs
        4. Better drug pre-evaluation
      7. Medical
        1. Holistic approach augmented by traditional medicine
        2. Push preventive care as apposed to medicine when appropriate non chronic conditions
        3. Reduce manmade medicine foot print
        4. Operations used as last resort
        5. Legalize Marijuana
    2. Define the various sub elements
      1. Preventive care
      2. Current Medical Care
      3. Future care
  1. Define Total Health model and approach
    1. Plan based on one of incentives rather than convenience
      1. Farm Industry
      2. Infrastructure
      3. Insurance
      4. Pharmaceuticals
      5. Industry
      6. Medical


  1. Total healthcare requires active participation and cooperation from the Government, Farm Industry, Food Industry, Medical Industry, Business Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, and Individuals…



7.26.29    10:06 AM

Let us boldly wear a mask to protect others.

Let us unselfishly social distance.

Let us love those that we will never know, by doing these two selfless acts.

Let us together fulfill the first word of our powerful country “United.”




10.23.20   1:30 PM

When away from home, I am compelled to still myself and perpend the georgic nature of my abode; and when at home, my mind travels elsewhere, forever seeking. 

Seldom am I completely where I am. 



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