Construct or Androgynous C or Oculus

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Construct or Androgynous C or Oculus

“Who am I? It is of no relevance, and I find serenity in knowing that it is highly unlikely you and I will ever meet outside of this brief narrative. I am a creature that once existed in the crevices of life. I was perfectly content to hide and observe the creation of life; the essential qualities of sentience, which I find to be both grotesque and splendid. I have long since stopped counting my age and have enjoyed secretly roaming the stars for a millennium.

Secondly, I cannot even begin to conjecture why a creature such as I, am allowed by one so powerful to provide a brief intimate correspondence of our stunted encounter. I guess Construct wanted to know what someone outside of normal life would say about It.

Thirdly, I must confess, that this glade in which I find myself with the creature Construct, is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. So, it is a blessing that it is my final resting place.


Some hundred million years ago, I chanced to come across a planet like I had not seen before; a world of immense size, which held in its massive gravity twelve stars. Astonishingly, each star was significantly smaller than the planet.

I named the gargantuan planet “Viambe,” which in my native tongue means “huge.” For hundreds of years, I contently and covertly, explored this world of worlds.

Until, one day I came across a barren land, bereft of color, sound, smell, a locale made gray by something powerful. In this strange place, resided a gathering of all sorts of stonelike creatures. They stood uniformly banished, focused on the center, which was even more grim. The hosts were frozen in various states of emotion; enchanted by love, fear, hatred, lust, greed, etc. Bizarrely, those closer to the center exhibited conflicted expressions, that yielded up imagery of unnatural sounds. Aghast, I stood at the edge of this perverted place and peered at the hideous scene.

Finally, my eyes were drawn to a muted ruckus in the center where all the stilled creatures’ gazes beckoned me to look.

There!!! I thought as I saw it. It moved, held in the center by the dull eyes of trillions of insensate creatures. In the beginning Its motion was cyclone like, and in one place, evocative of a dreadful whirlwind. Suddenly, It began to move in my direction, violently spinning as it came. The creatures appeared to close their eyes or bow themselves as It passed through them without pause and headed straight for me. Then I heard Its terrible voice. It called out to me, with indifference absolute. I moved away from It, from place to place within the large circle of desecration. I knew I had to keep moving for if I attempted to leave this haunted place, I would be doomed as the countless souls before me.

I leveraged my skill of hiding, and I watched It for thousands of years, risking my own life and never resting, apparent that this creature was vastly more powerful than I. Sometimes we were only feet apart, so close that It’s intense emotions or complete nonchalant manner, nearly took hold of me. Other times we were miles apart, but I always heard Its calls, except for when It was taking other creatures. Many times, It would not speak in an attempt to fool me in thinking it was engaged with some other being, when in fact It was focused on me.
Finally, I could take no more of the perverted cat and mouse game.

I must escape this place.

So, I waited for It’s siren call to abate and I hurled myself in the direction of the dense greenwood, which lies across the beautiful glen I traversed thousands of years ago. I was halfway across the dale, when It touched me. I felt the coldness of space. And heard Its hiss.

“Got You!!!”

I opened my mouth, but no sound issued. It reached into my head, took a piece of me and wrote one story, this story, on a piece of bark parchment. When finished, It gently laid the parchment at my feet facing me.

“I will let you read your story for as long as the parchment lasts. On the day that the bark is no more, I will take you to the center of where the creatures are. There, you will begin to change and suffer greater things, and they will too.”

It said as It cried and laughed at the same time. Its deep-set eyes sparkled.

Footnote from the author.

Description of Construct - IT does what IT does. 

Construct is one of the eldest species of the Universal Kind, IT is created second to the Immortal Elders. Construct is an genetic genius, which is driven by the desire to find the “Source Gene.”  Construct does what IT wills, without concern of outcome. IT is Indifferent to cosequence. IT is; androgynous, light in complexion, thin in stature, and ethereal. ITs body and face always changing, IT has terrible eyes that sparkle. Contruct wears only a tattered single hooded robe that moves like in a windstorm, enableling one to see parts of ITs mutating body beneath. IT is now forever guarded by two very powerful beings, but there was a time when IT was not.

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