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From the beginning we never saw eye to eye on anything! My twin brother, Osus Sum, hates life and I love it. I argue that everything has purpose, and selflessness is the goal of life; the act of taking, whether it be unintentional or deliberate, weakens the essence of life. I support tolerance of difference. My brother asserts that selfishness is the essential element of life, and anything not done for the advancement of “self “should be loathed, feared, and most certainly eradicated, he abhors dissimilarity. Osus Sum must destroy, for that is when he is most whole. Often, we found ourselves in violent conflict over the most fundamental arguments, such as, whether a creature should be allowed to live.

Those of us who are Intermediate Immortals (II) need to rest once in one million years. Our repose lasting a thousand years. I always look forward to the onset of hibernation, and I am exhilarated at the prospect of the rising. My brother’s distaste of any element of slumber is legendary. Because of his prickly nature surrounding this mandatory event, we would inexorably be locked in a pyrrhic physical struggle for hundreds of years prior to, and after each slumber.

During this time of needless struggle with the blood of my blood, certain Immortal Elders (IE) would take great interest in the contest between the two of us. The Elders would cheer or jeer the fight, their faces twisted with perverted desire whenever one of us momentarily gained an advantage. They are drawn to barbarism, I thought as I struggled to restrain my brother’s destructive nature.

Throughout the years we grew stronger in our soil of choice; love for me, and hatred for him. I often wondered, did we choose the color of our souls or were we born into them?

So tired of the unreconcilable contest between us, I left all behind and found a desolate place without the contest of hatred, to live in what I deemed to be peace.

For millions of years, I dwelled there in silence. Through countless alien seasons I existed without action. My mind desperately reaching to find an answer to a single thought… What is my meaning?

One day, as I had all but accepted that I may never find retort, the need came to me to speak. I prayed; my atrophied mouth painfully moved, forming the question to be shared.

“What am I?”

No reply…I fell once more into silent contemplation. But I would be compelled by loneliness to speak once more.

“I pray that I am only that which you have made, and that I am nothing which I have tried to be…”

Without answer, I lifted myself from stillness and moved into what blessed struggle awaited me…

Artist Recognition:

Credit for artist’s rendering I found on the web. I would like to offer the artist an opportunity to create a rendering of another one of my characters.


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